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AppleTV via WiFi and long passwords are teh suck.

posted Aug 2, 2012, 3:12 PM by Israel Torres   [ updated Aug 2, 2012, 3:20 PM ]
So I've decided to get all my stuff rock'n over wifi and eliminate the cable run clutter. Everything was humming along until I decided to hook up all the AppleTVs. I have the Apple Airport Extreme configured with a super long password (it's really silly long) and I always dread when I have to configure wireless devices that don't have a keyboard available such as my Amazon Kindles and AppleTVs... so I've been holding off until AMC decided to take their free viewings of Breaking Bad Season 5 offline just recently. I hadn't caught up to the last two episodes so I searched around for alternative viewing places most of which were trollvilles. I had a bunch of iTunes credits so I ended up staring at my AppleTV again knowing hooking it back up was inevitable. I hooked up the HDMI and the power and went to configure the WiFi... First I have a really long SSID which took a while to input... then came the even longer password.

Naturally it didn't work the first time out.

... so after the 5th time (yes it was quite painful) ... I finally got in

... then I had log into iTunes using the AppleTV's configured account with my credits on them... and finally to the Breaking Bad selection where the Season Pass option was available.

... carefully reading this over - this was my first time buying a Season Pass off iTunes.

Everything went great!... and it tried to start me off with Ep01, but I already had seen it over AMC's website (when it was offered) and moved forward to Ep02... I'm saving EP03 for tonight before being caught up for Sunday's Ep04.

The moral of the story here is that AppleTV sucks for long passwords - at least mount a BT/USB interface for a keyboard, or slap on a web interface over LAN... #firstworldproblems.

Israel Torres 2012-08-02